Wix is harder to customise than I first expected.

const greeting = 'What do you think of my first JavaScript code?';

There is a range of emotions today after I complete one of the in-platform Wix coding challenges on Codecademy. I’m struggling to understand why you would code Javascript to change elements on the screen when you can just change them in the editor.

Yes, at times it might be beneficial to store values in variables and be able to reference them, but there are also workarounds for this on the front-end. Perhaps I need to remember that this is a beginner course and there is still a lot to go. Perhaps I need to work through this as methodically as I did with the Python course and just wait for things to fall in place.

Perhaps I just need to skip ahead and see what lies further down the course.

This is a great point and something I need to remember.

Someone once told me, if you’re not enjoying a book, you are allowed to put it down. You don’t need to finish it. Also, why not skip ahead a bit and see if it picks up. I think I’ll apply this with the Wix course and see if it develops the way I want it to in order to achieve my goals.

Although I’m learning new things, I need to remember why I’m here. There are things I want to build and lessons I want to learn. If it’s not something that will benefit my end goal, it is okay to stop in the middle and move on to something more valuable.

Bear with me a week or so for another JavaScript update.


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