This is my first week on a Computer Science and AI MSc.

I read a nice analogy about having to overcome the ‘mountain’.  I’m currently standing at the bottom and it represents everything I don’t know. I’m interested to see how this will impact my journey into machine learning and discover if a ‘formal education’ gives me a better foundation to  re-launch into a new career.

The biggest thing I’m hoping to get from this is some structure. You can see from the rest of the blogs that my self-education has been somewhat sporadic. I jumped straight into coding and bypassed all the theory. Some might argue this is the better approach and it can all be self taught…however regardless of the content, there is still good-value in a formal qualification. Further to this, I’m studying because I want to and thankfully not under immense pressure to find immediate employment. Being able to return to university in my 30’s and keep learning new skills is a fortunate and exciting thing. Let’s get it!

11 Modules that span; algorithms and data structures, advanced programming, big data analytics, machine learning and applied AI. Also, opportunities at each stage to practice my new skills and knowledge. I read a lot before enrolling about the expectations vs reality of a Computer Science degree. Many think you learn to code but its actually a small part of the sllyabus and most students just choose to learn it alongside their studies. Coding is involved but it’s the theory you study.

Tech Lead on YouTube compares a cmputer science degree and coding to a photographer. As a photograher you probably want to learn about all the settings on your camera, how to frame a shot, lighting, etc. Instead, they’ll teach you to build the camera. It’s foundational knowledge, not objective, practical skills. I’m alright with that.

According to, this is their definition:

Computer Science is the study of the theoretical foundations of information and computation and their application in computer systems. It involves the design, development, and analysis of algorithms, software, and hardware to solve complex problems and enable technological advancements. Computer Science encompasses various fields such as artificial intelligence, data science, cybersecurity, networking, and software engineering. It plays a critical role in shaping modern society and revolutionizing industries.

Having said this, I now find myself in week 1 learning Java. In my intital coding research over a year ago, Java was a langauge not particularly in high demand. We’ll see what the course material is like, but it could be a good time to return to codecademy. It definately had it’s benefits and for a crash course in Java, could be a great option.

Either way, we’re here at the bottom of the mountain. This will be an intersting two years and i’m excited to see where it goes.


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