The blog is back in action, and we’ve moved over to DataCamp to continue the Python journey. I did a quick ref test to see what i’d retained and felt comfortable enough to start with the Advanced Python Tree. *Ta Daaa*

If I can keep a good cadence, there’t no reason I can’t complete this over the next 3-4 weeks. Pickup that slick-ass certificate then move on to the next.

This course will cover in greater detail; MatPlotLib*, Dictionaries, Pandas*, Control Flow, Loops and a final project. Much I’ve already been exposed to – but it’s nice to also be assessed on a different platform. I also spent a LOT of time understanding loops last year, so I’m hoping I’ve retained a lot of this.

*Most looking forward to these

For the basics – there’s some touchups I need to revisit in object orientated programming, but for now we can make a start. There is also a bit of crossover with the syllabus on Codecademy. I’ve covered MatPlotLib before, but this was a welcome reminder.

I’ve shared this image above as it contains a lot of the new concepts I learnt in this module. I learnt about Line, Scatter and Histogram charts AND how to manipulate the axis AND add titles etc. Much of the syntax can be seen here.

I’m now using an awesome app on my iPad to keep my handwritten notes organised. This paired with my apple pencil makes the process super easy. My desk is always full of a thousands notes so I wanted to try digiti-zing my thoughts. I’m creating my own ‘Cheat Sheets’. Now they are VERY rudimentary, but you can see the idea here:

Now I’m revisiting this, I need to reactivate the tools on my MacBook so I can code locally.



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