You know I’ve been messing around in Python all year.

Well, I went digging into source files and screwed everything up…

Due to the release of GitHub CoPilot, I switched my IDE from pycharm to visual studio code. After I got used to the new interface, any library imports weren’t working (/matplotlib, numpy/, etc).

I had to browse the web for various fixes and re-installation so posting it here incase it helps someone else:

STEP 1 – Reset

Reinstall Mac iOS – Launch in recovery mode and reinstall to HD.

TROUBLESHOOT: Check login shell is: /bin/zsh

FIX: System Settings> Users & Groups > (Right Click User) Advanced Options

STEP 2 – Install Python

TROUBLESHOOT: No Python Installed

FIX: Download From website and follow instructions.

Open Terminal and run:

python —version

to check it’s installed successfully.

TERMINAL ERROR: xcrun: error: invalid active developer path

FIX: Update/ Install Xcode.

Open Terminal and run:

xcode-select —install

STEP 3 – Install Pip

TROUBLESHOOT: No pip. (Need this to install other libraries)

FIX: Install Pip

Open Terminal and run:

curl -o



Check it’s installed successfully and run:

pip3 —version
pip —version

STEP 4 – Install Matplotlib


FIX: Install Matplotlib

Open Terminal and run:

pip install matplotlib


FIX: Install Certificates []

Open Terminal and run:

pip install certifi

I hope this also works for you.


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