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Jaz Worrell

The CS Mountain

This is my first week on a Computer Science and AI MSc. I read a nice analogy about having to overcome the ‘mountain’.  I’m currently standing at the bottom and it represents everything I don’t know. I’m interested to see how this will impact my journey into...

Jaz Worrell

How I fixed my Python install

You know I’ve been messing around in Python all year. Well, I went digging into source files and screwed everything up… Due to the release of GitHub CoPilot, I switched my IDE from pycharm to visual studio code. After I got used to the new interface, any library imports...

Jaz Worrell

Medical Insurance Analysis – Python Project

So, as I’ve been working through the Data Scientist career path on Codecademy (for some solid fundamentals), I skipped ahead to the first off-platform portfolio project. There was a lot of overlap at the start of the course on Python basics (I’m comfortable enough to not go through...

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