Working through the Codecademy Python 3 course, I now have a good understanding of control flow, lists and functions. As I was progressing through the course, loops were always causing issues so I spent the majority of the last 2 weeks touching up on my knowledge.

Unexpectedly, I got a little ill (no COVID) so my daily learning skid to a halt slightly. However, we are now over 80% through the Codecademy course and I reckon I can complete it this week. A lot of my weaker areas I’ve been able to refine slightly over the past 14 days and now it’s just a few of the final projects left. The loop cheat sheet from Codecademy was definitely a big help. List comprehension was driving me mad.

Something I thought about this morning is WHY I’m doing this project. There is a tool I’d love to build and a bit of python knowledge will allow me to do this. I also think the AI industry is fascinating, and I know with the right training, there is a lot I’ll be able to add.

Holding on to this has been a key driver in completing this course. Although I am only at the start of this journey, I’ve read up on the importance of completing small real-life projects as soon as possible. Always having this end goal in the background is an amazing driving force.

For now, I will keep dreaming of loops and try to complete this first course.


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