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Jaz Worrell

A Stoic Guide to Setting Goals

Stoic philosophy teaches clear, simple goal setting as a path to a fulfilling life. Through the wisdom of Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus, and Seneca, we learn to envision our goals, simplify our approach, and value steady progress, embracing the journey towards meaningful achievements.

Jaz Worrell

The 10x Rule

Quitting too early, excessive talk, and lack of execution limit potential. To stand out, consistently apply 10x effort, iterate, and execute. Let your actions, not words, define your trajectory.

Jaz Worrell

The Green Pen Effect

instead of highlighting mistakes, focus on celebrating progress. By spotlighting successes, we not only boost morale but also foster an environment of growth and positivity. It's time to swap criticism for commendation and see transformative change.

Jaz Worrell

Tacticians vs. Strategists

In life, many are tacticians, reacting to present challenges. However, the power of strategic thinking lies in foreseeing future obstacles and aligning with long-term visions. By understanding the broader context, we can shift from immediate responses to purposeful planning.

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