I found an interesting article by Justin Welsh - he offered insights on forging connections with top creators on social media from a refreshing perspective. It's not about the numbers, the likes, or the retweets. It's about authenticity, patience, and mutual growth.

We've all been there—sending a DM to someone we admire, hoping for a response. But as Justin points out, the typical "brain pick" approach is not only ineffective but also overwhelming for those on the receiving end. Imagine having thousands of such requests; it's simply not feasible to address them all.

Instead, the key lies in mutual value. It's not about what you can extract from the relationship, but what you can contribute. This mindset shift, from taking to giving, is transformative. Whether it's sharing their content, introducing them to a valuable contact, or even just offering genuine feedback, these small gestures can lay the foundation for a lasting relationship.

[T]he only way on earth to influence other people is to talk about what they want and show them how to get it. - Dale Carnegie

Your digital footprint, your social media profile, is your introduction. As Justin suggests, it should be clear, compelling, and reflective of who you are. It's your chance to make a memorable first impression. Ask yourself, if someone stumbled upon your profile, would they be intrigued enough to engage? Would they even know what it is you do?

On a personal level, the only social media I have is LinkedIn. I got rid of all my accounts about 6/7 years ago after I caught myself doom-scrolling and wasting countless hours a day. Self promotion is very foreign to me but after reading 'The Laws of Power', it's important to reinvent yourself every now and then and move with the times.

Robert Greene has a fantastic quote where he says: "I don’t want to be in the position, which is a mistake many people make in life, of constantly repeating the same success formula. Part 2 etc. Change things up, enter action with boldness, don’t be afraid to do things differently, adapt your strategy to circumstance."

As a result of this. I've recently considered some form of social media to promote myself, my skills, my interests and my hobbies. This blog is a nice start, but maybe I can do more.

In the world of marketing, where relationships are the backbone of success, these insights are invaluable. It's a reminder that behind every screen is a human, with aspirations, challenges, and stories. By approaching each interaction with empathy, authenticity, and a genuine desire to add value, we can forge connections that go beyond the digital realm.

In essence, as we navigate the intricate world of social media, let's remember Justin's wisdom. Let's be genuine, offer value, and most importantly, be patient. Because true relationships, whether online or offline, are not built in a day. They're nurtured over time, with care, understanding, and mutual respect.


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