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Updated: Mar 25


Codecademy released 'Workspaces' for PRO users a few days ago and it's just what I needed. I've been watching and reading a lot about the best way to learn to code and working on real-world projects as soon as possible looks vital.

The theory and practice sessions are a great introduction, but the sooner I can start building my own code the better. I've just set up a new Python workspace so I can play around with some code and develop something.

While I've temporarily switched to JavaScript, this will be a cool side-project to keep my skills 'active'/

I've been learning Spanish for a few years and most recently started with Russian. This could be an opportunity to build a tool to store all my new words (during each class), then display a random selection to review.

Creating some kind of dictionary might be best for this. With the original word and then the translation stored under the same field.


I was watching some 'how to learn to code' videos and Tina Huang mentions her first program was a food recommendation tool.

The language thing might be too complicated for now - let me plan something out.


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